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Bathroom Ventilation against Mould


The creation of mould in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry is the end result primarily of two things, water and heat, along with a lack of appropriate air movement referred to as ventilation.

The mould itself is a product of air borne yeast and fungi spores ever present in the atmosphere.

The presence of mould, black spot, moss on bathroom walls and ceiling is an indication of moisture retention within building materials within a warm environment which in turn allows the mould and fungi bacteria to multiply.

The moisture may well be the end result of water precipitation unable to be removed by an adequate air flow or some manner of water ingress into the building materials

Mould on the grouting of bathroom tiles is probably the best example of this phenomena, and the fact that cleaning agents are employed to momentarily kill off the mould and fungi bacteria.

To apply the most effective form of ventilation to a wet area, an exhaust fan should be employed and is best placed over the shower area. A means of fixed ingress should be provided especially when the door is closed.

The difference between using outdoor ambient as a means of volume replacement medium, in the ventilation cycle as opposed to using internal volume, is that outdoor ambient air will always be fresh oxygen enriched air

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