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Buying Roof Ventilation


A company has a particular roof ventilation product(s) and advertises it as being suitable for a whole gamut of things. The consumer, without thinking, thinks ‘this must be what I need’ ………Big mistake

The company might be saying that their roof ventilator is suitable for all and in sundry but it’s not saying it it ideal to your purpose or problem.

That responsibility falls on you.....

For instance, history in building as regards to ventilation, particularly roof ventilation, has always said that that the roof ventilator size on the roof must be proportional to the air ingress via the eaves vents.

So what happens, you buy the roof ventilator and then some eaves vents, proportional value goes out the window because you don't quite understand the relationship of one to the other

The standard approach was Ingress around the periphery via eaves vents, and exit from one centrally located escape point being the roof ventilator on the roof.

Nowhere does it say that you need to place (roof ventilators) all over the roof for greater efficiency in roof ventilation

No! this was purely a marketing gimmick foisted on the masses who were ripe for the taking

The fact that most roof ventilators available in hardware stores are too small for most residential applications is immaterial as the responsibility of the purchase lays with the consumer, and as with the blind leading the blind, the consumer ended up with several on his roof instead of one larger, but then if one larger vent were to be used his house would end up looking like a factory.

The reality is that one large roof ventilator works far more efficiently than several smaller and it need not be wind driven as Cupolas have proven over the centuries

Today the roof ventilator is used as an inducement, or freebie if you will, to entice a prospective client into using the roofing company’s services.

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