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To ventilate & sleep well

When one takes a look at healthy lifestyles around the world they all see that they have one thing in common, breathing, clean fresh air relative to their environment. Outside air is what it is.

The quality of inside air is within your control.

Living in a heated environment should not be about how much heat you can retain or avoid loosing, but more a case of ‘how can I ventilate contaminated air efficiently whilst retaining comfort levels at an acceptable cost?’.
To our minds no cost is ever acceptable, unless we’re gratifying ourselves, however, being that inside air requires replacement if only to replenish oxygen levels, one need to consider just how this is to occur.

The human respiratory system is at it’s greatest risk from artificially heated environment systems such as air conditioning installed without consideration to maintaining air quality levels.
Everyone would like to simply walk in, turn on a switch, and have everything taken care of, and if you have the means of installing a programmable system, why not? The rest of us need to be proactive and give consideration to the air quality you choose to live in.
Going on ‘walks’ and ‘runs’ for the purpose of being fit and maintaining your lung capacity is rather self defeating if your indoor environment, sleep hours in particular, compromises those endeavours.

Yeah but! ……doesn't apply

You can talk about how much money you’ve saved over the years in heating costs by living in a ‘plastic bag’ environment but what says it all is that the story is being told from a bed in an emphysema ward of a hospital.

How much would one pay not to be there? …….Exactly!

One is not suggesting that you go wailing off into the sunset and start becoming fanatical about the issue of healthy breathing inside your home. Just be mindful that a balanced approach toward a healthy indoor environment can only be of benefit you.

Inside air can be worse that outside air, whether it’s emissions of plasticizers in plastics, fibres, cooking residue and odours from numerous and various sources.
What is ‘good’ what is ‘bad’ is down to a judgment call on your part.

Some people sleep with a partially open window, some have the window tightly shut and sealed, of course the geographical location will have some bearing on this reality along with security as well as health..

A good natural ventilation system in a home can do more to maintain a healthy atmosphere than imitating life in a plastic bag which is what you end up doing by denying appropriate room ventilation particularly in bedrooms.

The truth is that being well informed enables you to make better decisions assisted by that information
In the end it’s your choice…a balanced environment now or a costly one later.


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