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improve the indoor quality of your family's life

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and install Condor ceiling vents in your home


Ceiling vents in the rooms of a home improve health and well being quite significantly.

By allowing the air in a rooms to change in a subtle positive manner, a fresher presence is maintained.

In bedrooms, the effect they have is quite discernable, particularly to those afflicted with asthma
The rooms will feel somewhat lighter due to the subtle air changes through the displacement.

Apart from allowing the room to breathe naturally and when a door is opened or closed, a proportional volume is forced out of the room through the vent, and in turn air is replaced through the vent.
Body movement in the room also creates air displacement.

The ceiling vent replaces the function lost by the original wall vents that were commonplace in homes up until the sixties

These simple dynamics change the livability and comfort levels in a house and their performance incurs no ongoing expense.


Ceiling vents come in different sizes for different purposes....the packaging may attract your attention but it's the design function that provides efficiency of performance, not appearance or cost

You may be looking at something that has aesthetic acceptability.....but it's efficiency might only be a fraction of that, and you end up with a good looking a dust trap.

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