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The reality is, that vents in the ceiling, walls or eaves in a home actually improve comfort levels quite significantly.

In the eaves, they allow the ingress of air volume into the roof void so as to re supply that which is going out of the roof.... somewhat like money in your bank account, you can get it out only as fast as you put it in.

In rooms, whether walls or ceiling, the effect they have is quite discernable.
The rooms feel somewhat lighter possibly because the air volume changes through displacement.
Open a door, the air volume compresses momentarily and is forced through the vent.
Close a door, a proportional volume is taken out of the room and in turn replaced with air through the vent.

These simple dynamics change the livability and room comfort levels in a house and incur no cost in their performance.

Life was not meant to be lived in a plastic enclosure and as air breathing creatures we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of natural phenomena by improving our indoor environment.

Vents come in different sizes for different purposes however a word of caution....the packaging might be the reason a product attracts your attention but it's the design function, beyond it's appearance or cost, that provides efficiency of performance.

Buying a propeller on a stick doesn't mean you're equipped to fly....

....... you may be looking at something that is of a particular size and aesthetically acceptable.....but it's efficiency might only be a very small fraction of that, and you end up installing a good looking dust trap.

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