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  Thermal Responsive Wind Driven Alternating Pressure  
      operational modes for Condor Kinetic wind and pressure driven roof ventilators       
Condor Kinetic operational modes


General Areas of Use

Fire and Smoke relief
Grain Storage, Silos & Conveyors
Indoor Pools & Spas
Evaporative Cooling Relief
Indoor Sporting Complexes
Entertainment Centres
Natural venting in
all cyclonic regions

Construction of equipment is welded stainless steel.
All metal parts are polyester resin coated prior to assembly.


Resin coating also prevents any electrolytic potential with uncoated roofing materials as may be used outside the colorbond range

Simplicity of design enables installation to be performed quickly and economically.
All Condor units are assembled and supplied to site as per architectural requirements.

All Condor Cupola bases are fitted with stainless steel bird & rodent mesh and can be fixed and water sealed to any type of roof.

All flashings are custom made and supplied to suit specific roof pitch and profiles allowing for a more comprhensive approach to installation. Roofing companies contactors are to specify type of roofing profile is being used on site.

Condor commercial roof venting products are designed to be easily installed by roofing contractors at significantly reduced cost of installation

All products and components are manufactured in Australia so as to ensure the highest standards in quality control.

Product Warranty for Condor Dreadnaught SS Series roof ventilators and Cupolas is 20 years.

Product Range

300 - 900mm dia - and supplied with custom base to suit roof pitch, profile and color.


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 roof ventilator variables  for Condor cupola roof ventilators  
  Direct and indirect Operational modes for Condor cupola roof ventilators roof ventilation for raled , cathedral or vaulted  ceiling roof    

In today's day and age of increasing energy costs it is considered prudent to investigate ways and means of reducing those costs whilst still maintain desirable comfort levels within a building.

Allowing a building to aspirate efficiently, is a task that every architect and engineer is faced with and Condor has endeavored to develop high efficiency products toward that end.

Condor also provides stand alone control options in it's range of ventilation equipment which is both efficient and aesthetically acceptable as regards to visual presence

Both 240v Airflow Controllers and 12v Ceiling Vents & Registers (remote control optional) are available for all sizes.

Manually operable push / pull ceiling registers are also available

Roof Ventilators shall be Condor (Model) roof ventilators manufactured by Condor Ventilation with custom mounting to (pitch & type) roof and (colorbond) colour to be installed only as per manufacturers instruction and specifications.


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