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        Condor Pressure Responsive Flue Systems      
        Pressure responsive flue system for combustion stoves and wood heaters operational mode of Condor Flue system for wood heating combustion stoves high efficiency Condor Flue system for raked ceiling installation        


This revolutionary patented flue system allows preheated air (replacement volume) to enter the room via the primary casing vent.

In addition to the Condor (anti downdraft) Terminal, the system also incorporates an adjustable vent within the ceiling manifold to control the air flow between the primary casing and active flue.

The secondary casing allows the active flue to retain a high heat level to ensure efficient discharge of smoke gases.

Heater performance is improved and carbon buildup is reduced with the self cleaning stainless steel flue. The Condor design allows the flue installation to terminate well below the roof ridge and not be 'smoked out' by downdraft and pressure equalisation.

Resin coated flue casing is standard in charcoal metallic and available in custom roof colours.



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