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Condor Cupola Roof Ventilation for Residential Dwellings, including those with
Raked / Cathedral ceilings


Shedding the heat....

To do this the first thing that needs to be done is to allow the heat in your roof space to escape

How you vent the roof can make a difference in itself.
The venting efficiency of the roof ventilator, and its location on the roof will determine it's effectiveness.
You can install many ventilators.....or you can install just one Condor....

The aim.....

Is to allow the heat load to escape naturally and as efficiently as possible without using electricity.
Using energy to remove energy is a meaningless waste of money that very few can afford.

To be noted....

Cool air is dense and always falls to the lower region of a room.
It cannot naturally rise up to the ventilator

Cool and warm air volumes do not mix, unless mechanically agitated eg ceiling fan

An example of this phenomena is a storage hot water service, hot water goes out at the top, cold water comes in at the bottom

To this end....

The system you choose is based on how efficiently the heat escapes out of your roof.

Air!, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there!
Try living without it!

If the system you install is one with ceiling registers in each of the rooms, you are able to vent the heat and odour out of those individual rooms. Remember that what is above door height is trapped there, meaning that you're more likely to get a better night's sleep with an open ceiling register, letting the heat in the room escape into the ceiling and out the ventilated roof, which in turn allows the cool air outside to enter the room easily.

Air-conditioned houses, either refrigerated or evaporative, benefit considerably by having a Condor Kinetic Roof Ventilator installed, to eliminate air conditioner overload and reduce power consumption by 50% if used correctly.

The most critical aspect of summer venting is night time purging...

It is essential that the building shed it's stored heat load of the day during the evening purge and not carry it into the next....


The Condor Cupola Roof Ventilator is ideal for cyclonic regions.
Construction is welded stainless steel and finished with polyester resin in colorbond colours. It's installation should be seen more as a roof modification as opposed to a roof vent requiring periodical maintenance

Ceiling registers / ceiling vents are manually opened, perpendicular to the line of action, using a claw on the end of a suitable length of rod. The push/pull mechanism, opens and closes on demand.
This allows for efficient heat purging of during summer evenings and prevents heat loss during winter months Electrically operated ceiling registers are also available, with or without remote control function.

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HiFlow eaves vents can also be installed for the purpose of venting the roof space in conjunction with the roof ventilator.

Fabricated in perforated stainless steel and resin coated white. Ideal for coastal regions

  All Condor products are architectural in nature in that they are supplied project specific.
Ventilators are supplied as per roof type, pitch and profile enabling correct and efficient installation.
  refer to Architecural notes                
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