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are you feeling helpless?....

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using resources efficiently... is a matter of knowledge.....

'In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'...
......'where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'

Not all ventilation situations are the same and the home owner is often at the mercy of the influences around them where everbody knows a little, but never enough should expectations not be met.

In an age where a wealth of knowledge is available to is more at a loss than start off by asking real ventilation professionals who have the experience and technical know how.

A professional is a person who can define the problem as regards to ventilation requirements, not simply present you with their product as a solution to your perceived ventilation problem as the answer in fact may not lay in ventilation but an associated aspect.

At Condor we specialize resolving ventilation problems,..... so you don't buy our product.....but you won't be able to fault our knowledge

Everyone has an opinion....until something goes wrong....then it's .....oh yeah but!

There are advantages and disadvantages in all products and this includes roof ventilators and ventilation systems......a true professional can tell you what they are....because if he can't you're not talking to a professional.

As regards to heat loss the most critical time for ventilation is of an evening. Ventilation is not a cure all but it's what reduces the air conditioning costs because of reduced demand.

A solution needs to fit the problem and not the other way around.

For example Solar does not work in the evening when you need most to purge the heat load.

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